Boosting your business through Microfinance Banks in Kenya

Microfinance Banks in Kenya could just be the real-time solution for SMEs and growing businesses in Kenya.

While choosing the ideal banking institution best suited for your needs, a couple of factors centered on convenience of the services received should top your checklist. Accountability, reliability, innovativeness and customer focus from the desired financial service provider are just but the tip of the iceberg among the qualities you should be looking out for.

Welcome to Caritas Microfinance Bank, a fast-growing financial institution in Kenya. At Caritas, we exist to offer wide range clientele-customized financial solutions, to move them from one level to the next one. We are the partners who focus on boosting your business through Microfinance services in Kenya.

Choose a microfinance bank that understands your business

Microfinance banks have been identified as the bedrock for development of small and medium sized enterprises in Kenya. Apart from dishing out loans to get your business financed, microfinance banks in Kenya led by Caritas go the extra mile to offer business development services like access to ideas, technology and innovative tools to its clientele.

Adding value to everyone who walks through our doors is our daily drive force. This we hope to achieve by guiding our start-up customers to set up a strong foundation in their business that they can further build on.

For businesses that have already taken root, we still have a lot to offer. Our experts work with you to realize the best way to optimize your output.

Microfinance banks in Kenya thrive on efficiency of services to clients

Sourcing financial support for your business from financial institutions in Kenya can sometimes be tied down by the many requirements put in place by banks. To add on, the cost of acquiring debt financing can prove to be a deterrent in cases where it becomes too expensive. These reasons have pushed many business people to access financial help from the informal sector which in many instances isn’t sufficient.

Microfinance banks provide an efficient way to access credit by minimizing these drawbacks. At Caritas, we aim to make loan acquisition as smooth as possible through fast processing of our clients’ requests. We also offer credit at rates you will find reasonable and affordable.

How credible is your financial service provider?

People shy away from financial institutions for the fear that after investing with them some of these banks end up going under. Caritas Microfinance Bank is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. The top management of these microfinance banks is also tasked with overseeing operations and ensuring they run seamlessly.

In adding value to our clientele, we work towards ensuring we are reliable whenever needed. We have a customer support system dedicated to keeping you in the loop round the clock. This ensures your raised queries and concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

We work hand in hand with our clients listening to their needs and finding the right package to improve their endeavors. With microfinance banks in Kenya, boosting your business through microfinance services in Kenya has never been so easy.



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