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Do you have an account for Chamas?

Yes. Solidarity Group Account for Chamas and groups. The account allows you to deposit and withdraw money anytime as well as transact through our various banking channels including mobile banking, internet banking and use of cheque books.

What do chamas need to qualify for loans?

We have a special loan for Chamas/Groups called Solidarity Group loan. This product takes into consideration the common needs of your Chama and enables you prosper together. Your Chama will benefit from its flexible security requirements and repayment plan.

How do you apply for an ATM?

To apply for an ATM, kindly visit one of our branches with your identification card and fill an ATM application form. Once the ATM has been processed, the bank will notify you to come and collect it. With the Card, you can withdraw and deposit funds at any Co-op Bank/ATM, Visa Branded ATMs, Shopping at Merchants and online.

How does Co-op B2B work?

We have partnered with Co-op Bank to allow our customers to deposit funds directly into any Caritas Microfinance Bank account. Visit a co-op branch, give the teller the Caritas MFB account and the money you wish to deposit, ask them to do a B2B Deposit and you will get a transaction Confirmation SMS from Caritas MFB.

Do you offer LPO financing?

Yes. If you need finance to supply goods, we can finance you up to 70% of the cost of items at friendly rates. With fast approval process, you can access up to Ksh. 10 Million to help you meet commitments and build your business empire.

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