Capitalizing on Development Loans

Microfinance banks have been identified as the most popular financial institutions in Kenya. Caritas Microfinance Bank is one such financial institution that thrives on its diversity in product portfolio such as the Mustard Seed Development Loan.

We understand that our different clientele have different needs that cannot all be put in one class of the products offered. Some of our other products include; LPO Financing, Invoice Discounting, Asset Finance Loan and Insurance Premium Financing.

Many businesses both sole proprietors and partnerships are sourcing their funds through microfinance banks considering their low interest rates on loans. This paves way for the business people to make profits by capitalizing on development loans.

Regardless of your business level of growth, microfinance banks have proved to be the efficient financial services partner. This is subject to their customized product packages that best fit their clients’ needs.

Why do you need a development loan?

Microfinance banks focus on growing micro, small and medium sized businesses. These are ventures that in one way or another require funding to ensure continual running of operations.

Businesses that are starting up will require asset acquisition funds. It becomes easier to source such finance through microfinance banks considering the minimal requirements involved.

The less time incurred in getting a development loan through microfinance banks is also a definite point in their plus column. This is especially essential when sourcing working capital that may be needed urgently.

The Mustard Seed Development Loan offered at Caritas can also go into business expansion. If you are looking to scale up your operations, go for the efficient development loan plan offered by microfinance banks in Kenya.

Avoid the time consuming loan processes through our mobile loans

While acquiring credit financial help, it is crucial to go for one you can pay back with ease. The Mustard Seed Development Loan offers convenience both in the mode of loan acquisition and in settling your debt.

In line with our mission to offer innovative financial solutions to our clientele, we have integrated mobile loans in our system. You can now get a mobile loan at the comfort of your home at the touch of a button.

For businesses that run on a partnership basis, we offer group loans specially designed to cater for your credit needs.

Your development loan should come with a convenient payment plan

We work with our clients to identify a convenient mode of loan repayment for them. Our rates are not just affordable; they are also designed to fit within your income range.

Most of our clients go for the salary check off loans. This is an easy to implement mode of payment since loans are paid straight out of the employee’s salary every month. This way, you can meet deadlines and avoid penalties that might otherwise arise in case of defaulting in payments.

Our check-off loans mainly work for business people in employment who have taken the Mustard Seed Development Loan to improve their side hustles. Whatever your venture is, we provide you with the most effective way to capitalize on development loans.


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