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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries about Caritas Microfinance Bank

  • Who is Caritas Microfinance Bank?

    Caritas Microfinance Bank (CMFB) is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. The Bank was started in June 2015, however the history dates back to 1983 when the 1st African Bishop in Kenya, met a number of families in need of socio-economic needs. He encouraged the spirit of self-reliance by initiating the 1st Self Help Group/initiative at Kiriko Parish, Gatundu North. Through the Cardinal, Fr. Mukui and Kiriko Parish christians contributed Ksh 20 each and a total of Ksh 680 was collected that sunday. This marked the beginning of Self Help Group concept that has inculcated the spirit of self-help ...

  • Which number can I call for assistance if I need services at Caritas Microfinance Bank?

    You may contact us on: • Email via info@caritas-mfb.co.ke • Phone 0205151500 / 0729986331 • Social media platforms (Our customer service personnel will attend to you)  Facebook – Caritas Micro-Finance Bank  Twitter – @CaritasMFB  Instagram – CaritasMFB

  • Where is Caritas Microfinance Bank’s Head Office?

    Caritas Microfinance Bank is headquartered within the Nairobi Central Business District at Cardinal Otunga Plaza, 5th Floor along Cardinal Otunga Street, within the Holy Family Basilica.

  • Where can I use my ATM card?

    CMFB ATM cards are Visa branded therefore useable at any visa ATMs. However, CMFB has a partnership for ATM services with Co-operative Bank that allows CMFB customers to use Co-operative Bank agencies, ATMs and branches countrywide.at favourable charges

  • Where can I find a Caritas Bank branch?

    Click here or the ‘Get in Touch’ menu above to view all branches.

  • What services can I access through the mobile app?

    Kindly open the app and copy the functions available.

  • What services and products does Caritas Microfinance Bank offer?

    We have tailor made products that cater for individual, business and corporate customers. These include loans, current & savings accounts, forex, money transfer and insurance. We offer our services to our customers through different channels, based on their needs.

  • What is the difference between Caritas Microfinance Bank and Caritas Nairobi Self Help Groups?

    Caritas Nairobi is the aid and development agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi. Caritas Nairobi is mandated by the Archdiocese of Nairobi to coordinate and implement aid and social-economic development programs and over the years, Caritas has reached thousands of those in need through interventions in Microfinance (Self-help), Refugee aid, agriculture and food security, support for those living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS, Women and Youth empowerment, peer counselling and child protection among others Caritas Microfinance Bank was founded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi and launched in June 2015 as a deposit taking microfinance institution. The bank was formed ...

  • What is the Caritas MFB Pay bill number?

    CMFB pay bill number is 899790

  • What is the bank SWIFT CODE?


  • What is My Caritas Pay?

    As part of offering digital and convenient banking solutions, CMFB has an app (My Caritas Pay), currently available on Google Play store under the link http://bit.ly/CaritasPayApp.

  • What do I need to open an account at Caritas Microfinance Bank?

    Visit your nearest branch or Caritas MFB agent with your: • Copy of National ID or Passport • KRA PIN • Download our app (Caritas Pay App) on google play store.  Click on new user.  Input your customer details and follow the prompts.  Save that account number and continue saving with Caritas MFB. • Dial *810# and request for account opening.

  • What currencies are traded at Caritas MFB forex trading services?

    CMFB does offer foreign exchange services available at all our branches currently trading in USD, EUR and GBP currencies with plans to include more currencies in the foreseeable future.

  • What banking channels does Caritas Microfinance Bank have for customers?

    We have a wide array of banking channels that fit within our customer-centric strategy that enables them to access their accounts anywhere, anytime. These include Caritas Pay App, USSSD – *810#, Caritas Visa Debit Cards, Internet Banking and Caritas Agents. In addition, we have partnered with Co-operative Bank giving our customers access to their ATMs and Co-op Kwa Jirani agents countrywide. Furthermore, our customers can transact at any Visa branded ATM countrywide.

  • What are the charges for withdrawing money from my account?

    Deposit of funds through any of CMFB banking channels is currently charge free. Withdrawal charges vary based on nature of transaction and channel used to transact. A charge tariff is displayed in all our branches. Our mobile banking platforms also show the charge just before confirming the transaction with a pin.

  • What are the bank’s operating hours?

    Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00noon Public holidays and Sundays: closed.

  • Is my money safe at Caritas MFB?

    ● As part of our risk management and cybersecurity strategy, we conduct routine audits into our Core Banking System (CBS) and other digital/online platforms that interface with the CBS. ● Additionally, we have a One-Time-PIN (OTP) mechanism through which we send customers who subscribe for digital banking applications (USSD, mobile banking app, Internet banking and Agency banking). The OTP usually has a short expiry period, say 3 minutes, after which if not used, it expires and a customer will have to request for another.

  • Is it possible to transfer funds to a bank account in another bank?

    Through Caritas Pay App banking platform you can conveniently transfer funds from their Caritas MFB account to another bank account under the payment’s menu option. There is EFT and RTGS options provided at our branches for the interbank transfer of funds.

  • I suspect my account has been compromised.

    If you suspect that your account has been compromised, contact our call center on 0205151500 / 0729986331

  • How do I withdraw cash to Mpesa?

    Our USSD *810#, Caritas Pay App and Internet banking all provide the menu options to withdraw funds from Caritas MFB bank account to your Mpesa account number or to another Mpesa account number.

  • How do I reset my mobile banking pin?

    Visit any of our branches with an original ID to issue written instructions for the PIN change and your pin will be reset.

  • How do I open a Savings Account?

    Visit your nearest branch or Caritas MFB agent with your ID and KRA pin for personal account opening. Thank you for choosing Caritas Microfinance Bank. You may also download our app (Caritas Pay App) on google play store and click on new user. Input your customer details and follow the prompts and a digital account will be generated for you. Save that account number and continue saving with Caritas Microfinance bank.

  • How do I grow my loan limit?

    CMFB Caricash mobile loan facilities are accessible to account holders who have been actively banking for three months and above. The loan limits are system appraised and generated on basis of account cash flow for a set period computed backwards from date of borrowing. The maximum limit to borrow being 70000 and maximum tenure being 1month.

  • How do I get my bank statements?

    A mini statement is accessible on our USSD, App banking and Internet banking platforms menus. A detailed statement is accessible on our App banking and Internet banking platforms menus. During account opening, a customer shares an email address through which they receive their monthly bank statement.

  • How do I deposit money into my account through Mpesa?

    To deposit to your Caritas Microfinance Bank account via Mpesa: i. Go to your MPESA menu, ii. Select Lipa na MPESA iii. Enter Paybill-899790 iv. Enter A/c number- v. (Confirm the account number) vi. Enter amount ** vii. Enter Mpesa Pin ** viii. Send

  • How do I check my account balance on my phone?

    Our USSD banking (*810#), Caritas Pay App and Internet banking all provide the menu options to check CMFB bank account balance.

  • How do I apply for an ATM card?

    To apply for an ATM Card, visit any of our branches with your original identification documents and fill out an ATM application card form and the card will be processed and dispatched for you to pick it at a location convenient to you.